Fall Recital - November 11th, 9:00 - Zion Lutheran Church, St. Charles 

Grace Pipes- Ode to Jou

Josie Shy- Young Hunter

Kate Silverberg -  I'd Like to Teach the World to sing

Blaine Dodwell- Catch a Falling Star

Sandie Willard - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Eleanora Lombardi -  Paint the Town Red

JJ Garrett - Don't Worry

Liam Wall - Nearer My Godzilla to Thee

Kennedi McMichael- Star Wars Suite

Violet Nelson - Hedwig's Theme

Moojan Emadi - The Two Grenadiers

Aiden Sanchez - Moonlight Sonata

Nolan Shea - Lean on Me

Max Tuck -  Can Can

Gabriella Lin - Seitz Concerto

Carter Crumble -  Bouree by Bach

Fall Recital - November 11th, 11:00 

Jackson Madsen  - Ode to Joy

Jewel Howard - Yankee Doodle

Jeddy Bennett - Jingle Bells

Parker Broadstone - Hey There Delilah 

Scarlett Feldmann - Lightly Row 

Barret Wagner - Star Wars Theme

Adian Smajic - Ninjago Theme

Joel Bennett - Leftover Popcorn

Jackson McEwan - Hope by XXXTentacion

Isaac St. Pierre - America the Beautiful 

Akshatha Narne - The Swan

Aiden Timko - Bohemian Rhapsody

Kalli Farmer- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Lydia Silvey  - Almost Like a Dream

Alex Schneider - Gravity Falls Theme

Jason Jebasingh -Do Re Mi

Brodie Wedemeier- Radioactive 

Vivian Duenke  - Gavotte in G Minor

Yuan Yang - Merry Go Round of Life 

(Trio featuring Daniel Winfield and Bethany Coad)

Fall Recital - November 12th, 3:00

Caroline Bergman - Sailing in the Sun

James Koenig - Jingle Bells

Emma Metzger - Showboat

Phoebe Ross - I've Got a Dream

Amelia Garzia - Chicken Dance

Sebastian Prophete - Fur Elise

Sophia Koenig - Espana

Molly Metzger - Amazing Grace

Amari Ammons  - The Original Chop Waltz

Zachary Sirtak - Minuet in G

Eddie Coad- Miphas Theme

Jalen Ammons  - Legend of Zelda Theme

Caleb Williams -  Morning / Art Thou Troubled

Audrey Glenn - Lightshower

Felicity Wethington -Traitor / Setting Sun

Stephanie O'Day  - Elastic Heart

Aiden Spavale- Cello Suite #2 in D Minor

Ben McAnally - Cello Suite #1 in G Major

Ash Dyson - Wind of the Western Sea

Evelyn Rouland - Che Fiero Costume 

Fall Recital - November 12th, 5:00 

Hazel Regan - Kites in the Sky

Peace Adedeji - Sbepherd's Song

Abigale Carter - Twinkle Theme

Olivia Hostetler - Imperial March 

Daniel Barbosa - Free Falling

Aditi Buchupally - Skyfall

Adrienne Luthans  - Walking and Skipping 


Charlotte Garcia - He Mele No Lilo / Cheap Thrills

Dalton Estes -  Number Blocks / Broken Things

Amelia Pigg  - Suzume / Dandelions

Julija Fredricks - One Kiss

 Madeline Tuffentsamer  -  Ode to Joy

Haley Freitag - Mozart's Five Names

Susie Coffman -Pirates of the Caribbean

Cassie Miller -Sound of Music Medley

Olivia Tuffentsamer  - Just Struttin' Along

Morgan Mosher  - Burn / Firework 

Joshua Massmann - Power and Pulse

Victoria Avila - Stay 

Elias Avila  - Winner Takes All

Brooklyn Pruett  - Golden Hour

John Gong - I Hear a Symphony 

Thank you to all our students, parents, friends and family for their support this past year. We are excited to grow with you! 

We are excited for your support and participation in making this a memorable event. Please show your support for all the acts by staying through the length of the recital. We invite you to grab a  cookie afterward! 

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  • Daniel Boone Home Caroling Event -Saturday,  December 2nd at 6:30. Come sing carols with us in the Old Chapel and explore the candlelight village afterward! 

  • LHMusic Christmas Party/Open Mic - Sunday, December 10th from 3:00 - 4:00 at LHM. Bring a snack and song to share! 

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