Spring Recital - April 20th, 9:00 - Zion Lutheran Church, St. Charles 

Kate Silverberg- Part of Your World

Peace Adedeji- Silver Moon Boat

Caroline Bergman -  I See the Light

Aiyana Brar- Yankee Doodle 

Hazel Ragan - What a Wonderful World

Blaine Dodwell - Hedwig's Theme

James Koenig - Lightly Row

Grace Pipes - Part of Your World

Josie Shy- Painting with Pastels

Adrienne Luthens- Walking on the Beach 

(Original Composition)

Aiden Sanchez  -  Imperial March

JJ Garrett - Country Roads

Charlotte Garcia- Dogsong (Undertale) /
 Aloha Oe

Scarlett Fledmann -  Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Moojan Emadi - Lully Gavotte

Violet Nelson -  Humoresque

Jackson McEwan - Day 'n' Nite

Aiden Timko - Fur Elise

Sophia Koenig -  Cruel Summer

Spring Recital - April 20th, 11:00 

Avery Cassel - When the Saints Go Marching In

Eliana Retterer- Ode to Joy

Adian Smajic - Lead On Black Horse 

Aditi Buchupally - 5 Finger Sonatina

Simone Marcus - Twinkle

Eleanora Lombardi - Waltz

Phoebe Ross - I Just Can't Wait to be King

Amelia Pigg  - Hanging Tree / Downfall 

 Jackson Braning  - Lean On Me

Abigale Carter - Aunt Rhody

Liam Coad - Lullaby

Gabby Lin- Puppet Show

Jalen Ammons - Two Grenadiers 

Carter Crumble - Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor - 

1st Mvmt.

Brooklyn Pruett - What Was I Made For 

Jackson Parkes - Czardas

Spring Recital - April 21st, 3:00

Jeffery Jebasingh - Petite Minuet

Barrett Wagner - Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Akshatha Narne - Witches Dance

Jewel Howard - Lonely Pine

Jeddy Bennet - Jack and the Beanstalk

Amelia Garzia - Enchanted

Anslee Osborne - Carol of the Bells

Daniel Barbosa - Chariots of Fire 

Payton McDowell - Merrily We Roll Along / 

Part of That World

Joel Bennett -  Hedwig's Theme

Jason Jebasingh - Passipied in C / 
Sospan Fachs (The Little Teakettle)

Caleb Williams  - Lacia Chio Panga

Eddie Coad  - Gavotte

Kali Farmer- Tears of the Kingdom

Max Tuck - Etude

Susie Coffman - Marche Slav

Brodie Wedemeier- Iron man

Isaac St. Pierre -  Melancholy

Alex Kramer - Ode to Joy

Felicity Wethington - Theme by Haydn / 

Proved Me Wrong (Original Composition)

Stephanie O'Day  - Fearless / Anatomy

Morgan Mosher - You Need to Calm Down / 

You'll Be Back

Audrey Glenn - Top of Your School

Victoria Avila - Someone Like You

Aiden Spavale - (Cello) - Brahms Suite - 


John Gong  - Debussy Arabesque 1 

Evelyn Rouland - Love Has Eyes

Spring Recital - April 21st, 5:00 

Kinza Taylor - This Land is Your Land

Lydia Silvey - How Far I'll Go

Dalton Estes - Dolphin the Cool Kid / 

Dolphin the Merman (Original Compositions)

Emma Metzger  - Do, Re, Mi

Sandie Willard -  I Just Can't Wait to be King

Julija Fredricks - Spring by Vivaldi

Madeline Tuffentsamer  - Let it Go

Sebastian Prophete - I Just Can't Wait to be King

Molly Metzger - Chim Chim Cheree

Zachary Sirtak -Wet Hands (Minecraft)

Aidan Boyland-Duenke - Can Can

Olivia Tuffentsamer  - Surfboard Boogie

Liam Wall  - Plants Vs. Zombies

Kennedi McMichael - Four Folk Songs

Vivian Duenke - Tarentella

Alex Schneider  - March

Ben McAnally - Sonata in C

Aiden Spavale - (Viola) - Bieber Passagalia

Thank you to all our students, parents, friends and family for their support this past year. We are excited to grow with you! 

We are excited for your support and participation in making this a memorable event. Please show your support for all the acts by staying through the length of the recital. We invite you to grab a  cookie afterward! 

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