Spring Recital - April 22nd, 9:00 - Zion Lutheran Church, St. Charles 

Peace Adedeji- Birthday Song

Caroline Bergman- Birthday Party 

Moojan Emadi - Hunters Chorus 

Aditi Buchupally- Game of Thrones Theme

JJ Garrett - Lighty Row

Aiden Smajic -  Among Us "sus" Theme

Aiden Sanchez - Yankee Doodle

Amelia Pigg - History of Cats (Original) / 

My Favorite Things 

Eleanora Lombardi- Spring

Jackson McEwen - Day 'n Night (Kid. Cudi)

Liam Wall - Godzilla

Lydia Silvey - Cover Me in Sunshine

Anslee Osborne - Amazing Grace

Felicity Wethington -  Hedwigs Theme /
When I was Yours (Original)

Spring Recital - April 22nd, 11:00 

Anna Kruse - Perpetual Motion

Kalli Farmer - Allegretto

Olivia Dahl - Awesome Creatures

Aiden Timko - Star Wars: Main Theme

Sebastian Prophete - Ninjago Overture

Phoebe Ross - What Else Can I Do (Encanto)

Conan Dahl - Night of the Tarantella 

Brodie Wedemeier  - Viva La Vida

Emily Kruse - Sonatina in Two Parts

Sophia Koenig - Naughty (Matilda)

Lydia Kruse- Seafaring Tale (Arr. L. Kruse)

Morgan Mosher  - Cover me in Sunshine/

My Favorite Things

Gabriella Lin - Humoresque

Vivian Duenke -Minuet

Spring Recital - April 23rd, 3:00 

Alex Schneider - Star Spangled Banner 

Dalton Estes - Over the Rainbow / Let it Go

Adrienne Luthans - Imperial March

Julija Fredricks - Star Wars: Princess Leia's Theme

Charlotte Garcia - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Amelia Garzia - Fight Song

Naomi Butz - Old Castle (Duet) / Snake Charmer

Daniel Barbosa - Natural / Moods

Cassie Miller  - Trickling of the Springs

Kylee Reinhold - Hedwig's Theme

Liam Coad- Bouree

Eddie Coad  - Come Let us to the Bagpipes Sound

Caleb Williams -  Star Wars / 

I Whistle a Happy Tune

Elizabeth VonArb -Naughty (Matilda)

Stephanie O'Day -Willow / Buy Dirt

Victoria Avila  - Someone You Loved

Lilliana Wiederkehr- Halo

Elias Avila - Beethoven Sonata in F Minor

 (1st mvmt)

Evelyn Rouland - When I have Sung My Songs

Spring Recital - April 23rd, 5:00 

Jeddy Bennet - Old MacDonald Had a Song

Joel Bennet - Russian Folk Dance

Jalen Ammons - Lightly Row

Abigale Carter - Zena is a Blessing Twinkle

Luke Burke - Aunt Rhody

Haley Freitag - Part of Your World

Hazel Ragan  - Lion Sleeps Tonight 

Madeline Tuffentsamer - Star Wars: 

May the Force Be with You

Olivia Tuffentsamer  - 
The Mandelorian 

Scotty Wikieria -  Surfing in LA

Isaac St. Pierre -Bang (AJR)

Susie Coffman -Oh Susanna

Kennadi McMichael  - Star Wars Theme

Audrey Glenn  - Sweet Tooth

Jackson Parkes - Slovonic Dance #2

Thank you to all our students, parents, friends and family for their support this past year. We are excited to grow with you! 

We are excited for your support and participation in making this a memorable event. Please show your support for all the acts by staying through the length of the recital. We invite you to grab a  cookie afterward! 

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  • Please join us in welcoming our newest team members, Travis Byers, Piano, and Daniel Winfield, cello and strings.

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