Little Hills Music Policy 2023 - 

Tuition is $120.00 per month for half hour private lessons. A trial lesson can be had for $30.00 per half hour lesson.

Monthly tuition is based on four lessons per month over a 12-month period. This adds up to roughly 48 lessons over a 52 week year.

Payment for all lessons of the month (cash, check, card or paypal) is due the first  of the month. This will reserve your time slot. Students are expected to pay for and attend all lessons of the month.

A two weeks notice and payment  is required for discontinuing lessons.

On months that have an extra (5th) week, instructors may either take off a day during that month, or roll it over to coincide with a break. The schedule will be updated in that month's email and on My Music Staff.

There will be NO lessons the week of Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas and New Years, or July 4th. (These are observed holidays and will not be made up.)

Makeup policy -

As a courtesy to you, We may be able to reschedule your lesson provided we receive minimum 24 hours’ notice, and have an available slot in our schedule. All available slots are listed and updated on My Music Staff. Students are responsible for checking the schedule and seeing if a makeup slot is available.  If it is NOT available online, it is not available.

If the lesson cannot be rescheduled within one week of the original lesson date, the cost of the lesson is forfeited.

(We are willing to make exceptions in the case of emergencies. Conflicts with other interests/activities or appointments and transportation issues are NOT considered emergencies. )

Notes -

IF you are sick or have been sick in the last 36 hours, please do not attend your lesson. We will try to make it up within the week. We reserve to right to send a student home if they have a fever, productive cough, or no voice.

(IF the student has an ongoing activity (such as school sports, etc), please notify us one month in advance and we will try to move their lesson to another day/time slot.

IF your family has a planned vacation, please notify us a minimum of one month in advance and we will reschedule that missed lesson(s).

IF you are unable to attend your lesson for any reason, please contact us.

(IF an instructor is sick or unable to attend a lesson, you will be credited a make-up lesson. This does not have to be made up within a week, but will be done subject to our availability. )

We reserve the right to discontinue lessons due to repeated absences/cancellations.

We reserve the right to discontinue lessons with students who are not progressing due to a lack of practice on their part.

Extra materials are to be purchased by the student, and must be brought to each lesson. 

Summer Lesson Sessions -

$320 for a 12 week session from June - August. You are able to attend up to 12 lessons over the summer period.

Benefits - $30 savings for prepaying the summer

  • Flexibility for busy summer schedules without discontinuing and losing progress and your slot.

*Group Lessons -

  • Group lessons are designed to supplement alongside regular private lessons. They are designed to give students various experiences working with others, honing performance, aural, and master skills. Group classes will be held in 4 week sessions, and/or once a quarter as a masterclass style makeup lesson. You can opt in to attending all group classes for an extra charge.

Piano lessons; voice lessons; guitar lessons; violin lessons; ukulele lessons for St. Charles County; St. Charles, Mo.; St. Peters, Mo. 

Little Hills Music



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